Business Succession Planning

Individuals, families and businesses rely on our succession and estate planning advice to preserve their wealth and transfer property without undue hassle or expense.

Business Succession Planning — We can assist you in transferring your business to good hands. Whether you are handing over your business to a trusted family member or an outside buyer, it’s important to plan well in advance of anticipated changes in order to make a smooth transition that retains the good will and loyalty of your customers and stakeholders. 

Family-owned business succession

  • Determining the fair value of the business
  • Determining the importance of continued family involvement
  • Assess the business aptitude and passion for the business among family members
  • Establish goals for the owner’s retirement
  • Identify the family member(s) best suited to making the business successful 
  • Create an ownership and control structure 
  • Document the succession plan
  • Communicate the succession plan to all stakeholders

The Law Offices of Arthur F. Lafionatis, P.C. can also assist you in estate planning matters:

  • Individual/Family Estate Planning
  • Advance directives (living wills)
  • Estate tax issues
  • Living trusts
  • Wills drafting/amending